Digital Solution Podcasts - Episode 5

Digital Solution Podcasts - Episode 5

After a long break we are back and looking to provide ideas, guidances, recommendations and reviews for organizations wanting to participate in this digital transformation that is happening. We are primarily focused on accomplishing this through the Microsoft stack but we have ideas and information pertinent to all. This is also the first podcast that we have released on our brand new Digital Solutions blog but the fifth one in this series. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in our Mailbag found in the Index page. 

 Below is a list of topics we discuss on a featured episode:


0:20:  Hosts David Crouch & Andrew Waker get back to talk about all things Microsoft and introduce the show

Podcast Reset

1:11:  CEO of ITK Consulting Bob Bell joins us to talk about the new direction we are taking with this podcast and how our focus is providing guidance and recommendations to customers and prospects

For The Decision Maker

6:49:  Our recommendation on when and how to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Version 9

Commentary: Spring Release

10:28:  A high level review from a customer / prospect standpoint of all the new things in the Spring Releases of Dynamics 365

Product Reviews: StaffHub

28:13:  After highlighting a range of other regular segments we are going to have going forward, Andrew does a bit of a deeper dive on StaffHub a small value added app in the Office 365 suite that is getting some momentum

From The Vault

33:55:  To conclude this episode, we have another new segment looking at projects David has worked on in the past that resulted in major computer-driven transformations and what lessons we can glean from them

A Decision-makers Guide to Dynamics 365 Spring Release

A Decision-makers Guide to Dynamics 365 Spring Release

In the Know about Digital Solutions - Our Purpose

In the Know about Digital Solutions - Our Purpose