Digital Solution Podcast - Episode 6

Digital Solution Podcast - Episode 6

Episode 6

We return with another jam-packed edition of our Digital Solution Series! And as you may have noticed, we altered our title slightly, but kept the same format! This episode is a big one with Simon Fraser University Professor Kim Milnes joining us for a lengthly discussion with our co-host David Crouch. Plus a review on the D365 Talent Attract with our very special guest Lisa McQuillan. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in our Mailbag found in the Index page. And be sure to stay tuned for our post episode blog posts! 

 Below is a list of topics we discuss on a featured episode:


0:00:  Hosts David Crouch & Andrew Waker get back to talk about all things Microsoft and introduce the show

For The Decision Maker - Doug's Bottomline Recommendation  

0:53:  Our regular "Mr. Gadget" Doug McLachlan joins us for his bottomline recommendation on Dynamics 365 Tools for Surveys 

Conversations about Being Digital - Special Guest Kim Milnes

6:04:  Kim Milnes, an Associate Professor at SFU talks with David about the pros and cons of digital revolution

Reviews - Dynamics 365 Talent

26:44:  Special guest and Senior Training Consultant Lisa McQuillan gives us a rating and review of the Attract app

From The Vault - Savings Accounts

32:09:  Ahh savings accounts. Where would we be without them? David knows all about it and wants to give our co-host Andrew and all the youngsters a brief history lesson on them

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